Democrats Telling Howard Dean: "Shut up!" North Dakota's Pomeroy Heroic!

Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Your Democratic Party can transform itself into a very postive influence in America. It needs only divest itself of radical leftist thinking and return to its roots of standing up for a strong country honoring individualism and free enterprise.

Likewise, your Muslim religion can transform itself into a great influence for peace and love by throwing out the ancient and misapplied idea of jihad against Christians and Jews.

Until your Muslim religion chooses peace and gives up aggression, it is right for Democrats to stand firm for Christianity and Judaism. This means not appeasing or surrendering to Muslim aggressors in any respect.

Do not support leftist appeasers who are trying to take over your Democratic Party. Praise and help all Democrats who will stand tall and speak up for a strong and spiritually healthy America.

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Anonymous said...

A question: do Muslims have salvation apart from Jesus Christ?

The Unseen One said...

And who truly is the Muslim god Allah?

Tim said...

Oh, but Holiest of Holies...

Which Muslims should eschew the violence? The ones who agree with us and vote and join the defense forces? Is their work for peace also a blot upon thine eye?

Pardon the temerity of this little mortal worm, Bringer of Life, but the democrats were never for total free enterprise in the form of lassaiz-faire, anything-goes enterprise. Their stalwarts had been the unions, who defended the common man from unpaid overtime, unsafe work conditions and the like. Until the government oh so cleverly signed things like NAFTA and sent Uncle Bill's steelworking job to East Bumblefrickistan, may it please your Divine Divinity.