Democrats Digging Deeper Hole

Our Holy Spirit answers:

What if you had a party and nobody came? Would you say, "Those fools! They must not be enlightened or they would come to our party?" Or would you get honest and say, "What is it about us that turns people off?"

So in America you have your Democratic Party busy organizing as never before, spending huge orders of magnitude more money than anyone else, thoroughly dominating the news media, publicly visible to a degree that no political party has ever been ... and nobody wants to come.

Will somebody please shake the Democrats and say, "It's your ideas, stupid!"

Dear ones, nobody is disadvantaged. Each of you is born with all the power of the universe at your disposal. You need only listen inside and follow My Guidance. But you must turn away from worshipping government. You must get your government out of the way. Pray that your Democrats see the light and throw out their so-called "progressive" ideas for all time.

Democrats Deeper Hole

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