Democrats Continue Self-Sabotage with Resistance to Patriot Act?

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Our Holy Spirit speaks:

John Kerry, Teddy Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Joseph Biden, John Murtha, Charles "Chuck" Schumer, Russ Feingold, Hillary Clinton -- all intent on minimizing and marginalizing a once great political party.

In the eyes of the current Democratic Party elite in America it is sufficient to verbally blast your Republican President Bush, and hatred will carry the day. The problem is the average voter, being in touch with what you on earth call "common sense," feels the hatred and cannot relate to it. Hatred is not natural. It does not feel good or healthy. The thought is if Democrats are so full of hate, there must be something wrong with them. And of course there is.

Then there is what you might call "instinct" about government. Ask a truck driver or roofer why a government should exist at all and he will answer: protection. Ask a Customer service agent if there is any reason she would voluntarily send in money to support government if it was voluntary and she will answer: protection.

People instinctively know they do not need governing. But they feel the need for protection. They also instinctively feel that your President Bush puts all his heart and soul into protecting them. So they are turned off by these Democrats who not only give the appearance of being hopelessly weak but also the appearance of trying to sabotage the efforts of The Great Protector.

Such Democrats only sabotage their own party. If you value a strong Democratic Party, which you should, then Pray for an entirely new Democratic Party leadership, a leadership which supports no-nonsense national defense, no-nonsense police, and a no-nonsense judiciary. Only then will the Democratic Party return to glory in true service to mankind.

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somethingsphishy said...

Hey, you found a way to tangle up religion and politics real good you did. Why, do you think the Patriot act is so good for us? What does this have to do with religion? Do you think "god" would approve of the patriot act? You call yourself the "Christian Prophet" do you follow the teachings of jesus verbatim?

HolyInheritance said...

Hey, I reread the Holy Spirit's message and found no approval of the Patriot Act or indication that the Patriot Act was good, only an implication that by opposing it Democratic leaders reinforce a self-sabotaging image that they are not wanting to protect America. I do not see the Holy Spirit's message having anything to do with religion. But I trust the Holy Spirit has everything to do with saving the world and for that purpose the Holy Spirit seems to want a truly useful Democratic Party. When reading these messages from the Holy Spirit, I get the idea that Democratic leaders are mindlessly following religious doctrine and the Holy Spirit would like to break them free of such a self-sabotaging prison. But I might be incorrect in my interpretation of the messages.

_H_ said...

I get the idea that God would not be best pleased with using politics in his name . to assume one political party (or one country) looks better to the eyes of god shows a mortal illness that is beyond serious debate

take for example the 30,000 INNOCENT lives taken in Iraq due to the actions of a political leader , dont you think god would show more concern for the MURDER of innocents than he would for a stupid piece of legislation