Bush White House: Democrats Irresponsible on Iraq!

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Dear ones, again let me emphasize that your Democratic Party could be a great instrument through which My Will is done on earth. Please do not throw your Democratic Party out altogether. Any organization you make on earth can be turned to serving heaven's purpose.

Yet for the moment your Democratic Party is so far out of touch with reality that angels in heaven are utterly amazed how little your Republicans call them to task. It's as if your Republicans do not want an honest appraisal of what is going on any more than Democrats do.

Heavenly beings would love to have one politician of either party in America who could free himself or herself altogether of ideological blinders, see things a little closer to how they really are, and speak to the world with a more honest appraisal than you have seen from either party.

Such a person would have to be somebody like Patrick Henry, wouldn't it? Who would dare step forward as a modern day Patrick Henry? There would be rejoicing in heaven.

Democrats Irresponsible

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