Thanksgiving Airport Lines A Salute to Capitalism

Our Holy Spirit answers:

As your Thanksgiving holiday nears, be sure to extend some of your gratitude to the heroic men and women who endeavor to bring you enormously beneficial goods and services at prices which could not be imagined in state operated or state controlled economic systems.

Forgive those who bemoan capitalism as a system of greed and oppression. They know not what they do. They would take you back to the days when no ordinary person could ever afford to board an aircraft and fly across country to visit loved ones for a joyous holiday.

No country on your planet has ever offered true capitalism unhampered by government interference, so you have no idea how wonderful life can really be. But this Thanksgiving be grateful for whatever degree of capitalism you have allowed yourself.

But even more important than offering you previously unimaginable freedoms in time and space, capitalism makes possible vastly expanded possibilities for spiritual opening ... and the final experience of freedom beyond all time and space, beyond your wildest dreams. A REAL Thanksgiving Feast.

Airport lines

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