Tammy Bruce: Democrats Shamed by their WMD Attacks

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Actually Democrats are sabotaging themselves day after day with their silly idea that if they attack their political "enemies" no one will look at their own shortcomings. On the contrary, political attack exposes one's shortcomings and alienates people's true spiritual core, which wants nothing to do with attack.

Political attack is a way of saying, "I do not have any constructive ideas to offer so I have let myself degenerate into a destroyer." But it goes further because once the attack mentality has been chosen there is no longer even an incentive to allow into one's mind new constructive ideas that would benefit everyone. Attack becomes it's own reward, all the way to self-destruction.

Tammy Bruce is a liberal who has been favoring more and more freedom-oriented solutions because other liberals have increasingly abandoned their own souls by choosing to be attackers and by choosing the dishonesty that it takes to be an attacker. Her approach derives from love and respect. Thus she is open to new ideas. Do not ignore this woman who has written a constructive book.

Tammy Bruce

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