Radical Islam blamed for French rioting

Despite the characterization by several media outlets that those perpetuating the violence are primarily disaffected youth upset with French economic and social policies, the fact the unrest spread so quickly and is virtually limited to Muslim neighborhoods signifies a deeper, ideologically driven motive. -WorldNetDaily

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Dear ones, do not turn this into a religious war. Islam might as well be Christianity in a somewhat different form, and forms do not matter. Would you do harm to your brother, who is also a child of God, over disagreement about forms?

The problem is France's socialistic system of government. An immoral system of government does not allow individuals free choice as to how the fruits of their production are to be used. The more there is taxation, regulation, and involuntary redistribution of wealth, the less incentive there is to produce. The less incentive there is to produce, the more there will be poverty and seeming lack of opportunity.

Radical Islam definitely has some influence in encouraging Islamic youth. But such an influence could have almost no effect in a truly free market society because a truly free market society would offer infinite opportunities, which is what these youth REALLY want.


TJ Willms said...

I will agree with you on the moral bankruptcy of socialism being the chief underlying cause of the rioting. This isn’t yet and should not be viewed as a clash of religious faiths. However, radical Islam is without question a major factor in the “us against them” thinking that so quickly leads to the organized violence we see in Paris again tonight.

510 W Belmont said...

I totally agree with the Prophet. In a country that wasn't socialist, with individual freedoms, there would be no reason to blame the government for the economic problems and cause people to riot.