NFL Coaches and Players Encourage Healthy Involvement of Fathers

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Dear ones, it does not take a village to raise happy society-enhancing children. It takes loving, caring parents (or those fulfilling the parent role) willing to take plenty of time to join with their children in feelings of oneness. When parent and child are joined as one ... there I AM.

There is nothing any of your government agencies can do to offer the same experience as a parent-child spiritual bond. The spiritual (and thus societal) benefits of home schooling are so great that heaven rejoices with each new choice to home school. The sooner you turn away from forced public schooling and turn back to the natural order of things, parents taking personal responsibility for the education of their children, the healthier your society will be.

In the meantime, efforts like those of NFL coaches and players are blessed by heavenly beings.

Some NFL encourage father involvement

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Seth said...

Right on post!

Especially in view of the way the liberals in the public education system do all they can to keep prayer and any mention of God out of the schools, and the attitude they have that they can teach sex-ed to school kids no matter what the parents think, believing they have more qualifications than the parents to decide on such matters.