Israel to Crash Into Disarray, Palestine to Gain; Sharon's New Party Weak, Likud Not Finished, Labor Hopeless

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Dear ones, Zarqawi is discovered to be dead and thus a new democratic Iraq strengthened on the same day Israel becomes weaker. Interesting juxtaposition, wouldn't you say?

Are you beginning to see that there are forces at work that do not meet the eye? Are you opening to the possibility that you cannot judge by surface appearances and have no choice but to listen inside to My Words?

Just when it seems most bleak, improvements happen. Just when events seem to be rolling along favorably, the next disaster is set into motion. You have no basis on which to judge what is going on because you can only see the tiniest tip of an iceberg that is invisible to you. Your only hope is to turn to Me and trust Me.

Perhaps Jews will someday say, "Iraq is our favorite country." Perhaps Arabs will soon say, "We practically control Israel." You cannot comprehend what I have in mind for the peace, joy, love, and happiness of your world. Your world's salvation is in wanting nothing, listening inside, and trusting Me.

Israeli disarray


Love Thoughts said...

How does one "listen inside" to Your Words? I've tried to listen to the Holy Spirit in my own life, but could use some guidance.

A Christian Prophet said...

Look up the Holy Instant Christian Church on the Internet. There are inner hearing teachers who can help you.