Conservative Christian Pat Robertson Warns of God's Wrath

Our Holy Spirit answers:

While liberal hypocrasy is becoming ever more widely known, liberals can still gain an appearance of relative credibility by pointing to the foolish statements of a handful of misguided conservatives.

Dear ones, God is love. Love offers only total and immediate forgiveness. Love holds no grievances. Love includes everyone and works within everyone, even a newly elected liberal schoolboard.

Wrath is a human ego trait which serves no good purpose. "Righteous wrath" is a contradiction in terms. I AM with you always and if you allow My Voice to guide you, together we can accomplish miracles. I have guided you to eliminate an unholy government and its gruesome atrocities in Iraq so the Iraqi people could once again live in love and peace. My Guidance was only of love, not of wrath. If you feel wrath, you are not with Me.

Pat Robertson story


My Boring Best said...

Being an atheist, I do not buy into most of what you are discussing here. I will say, though, that I like your good intentions and overall hopeful nature.

As for the left vs. the right, I view that kind of talk as a complete waste of time. Politics is a big, dumb animal that will never be the great thing we all hope it to be. I have less hope for politics than I do religion. And that's pretty darn little.

Either way, I think you have a nice blog and I always welcome your input on mine.

Have a nice day.

RenaRF said...

As a liberal, I will tell you that I am an equal opportunity ridiculer - Howard Dean is one of my favorites for opening his mouth and inserting his foot.

The problem with Pat Robertson is that he does, whether a person likes it or not, speak for Christians in the same way that Rush Limbaugh speaks for Republicans and Ted Kennedy for Democrats (etc.). Personally, I cringe that some of the things Kennedy says - I am a Democrat but he and I do not see eye to eye on things. But his words inform the opinion of those who are not Democrats - see what I'm saying?

It's admittedly ridiculous to say that Pat Robertson speaks for all Christians - so why would you make the equally fallacious argument that all liberals are hypocrites? We may point the finger at Robertson because he deserves to be pointed at - not because we're anti-Christian.

And frankly, Billy Graham informs my thinking in thought and deed when it comes to the fact that I AM a Christian.

Thanks for commenting on my blog.