Bush Rebukes Cunningham for Taking Bribes

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Dear ones, do not be fooled by illusions of righteousness. Every politician in any of your democracies is bribed: "All you have to do is show favor toward our ego-vested interests ... and we'll deliver our gift of votes." Is it possible for a politician to listen inside to My Voice and follow only My Guidance without being tempted by such bribes? You bet. Is it possible to find such a politician? Not in your day and age.

Pray for a new kind of political system in your world. Participate in your current political systems as I guide you, for there is much to accomplish and I need My servants to speak for Me. But keep in mind that our ultimate goal is a different kind of political system on earth, a spiritually-based system that is incorruptable.

Bush seemingly outraged

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mikevotes said...

Especially funny when compared to what he emphasized when he stumped for Kyl yesterday.

"He is -- he's a classy guy. He is really the kind of person that you would hope would be serving you. You don't have to worry about him not telling the truth or doing something that would make you ashamed. He's not that kind of fellow. He's as -- his integrity is as strong as it gets."