A Woman's Free Choice

Many Christians are asked:

What about a woman's right of free choice?

Our Holy Spirit answers:

This question is only asked with respect to abortion in which case the right of free choice has already been exercised. The free choice was to have sex or not have sex. If a woman says to herself, "under no circumstances am I willing to take responsibility for the results of my having sex," then she is RIGHT to choose not to have sex. In the world of human ego-vested politics, she might seem to get away with avoiding taking responsibility for her choice. But in God's world, in Reality, one cannot both have one's cake and eat it, and she will end up with cake on her face, so to speak, if she makes the attempt. There will be unforeseen consequences.

Maybe you believe a woman can be drugged and forced into sex without the opportunity of her choosing freely. Look more carefully. If she had made the free choice to listen to My Voice, she would have been guided away from any such dangerous situation. Listening to My Voice, her safety would have been assured and a seeming need to choose between abortion and motherhood would not have arisen.

Yet mistakes are made, and God is a forgiving God. Human beings do not usually think like God, so human beings cannot see that the child born, even if given away to adoption, IS the forgiveness. Abortion is a means of not forgiving oneself. If a woman does not forgive herself, there will be consequences. It's her choice.


Manateechik said...

Do you truly not believe in rape? That's what it sounds like. Please clarify. Also, does God tell men not to rape women? I think he does. Thanks.

A Christian Prophet said...

Our Holy Spirit answers:

There is no belief here. Only what is reality. I AM the spirit Who guides and I do not guide rape. If rape occurs, I do not guide abortion. The child is innocent and bringing innocence into your world is my task. You are innocent even if you have not given yourself permission to experience the full extent of your innocence. Allow yourself to feel who you really are. Your innocence is more delightful an experience than you can possibly imagine.