Surrendering Into Healing

Tabrina wrote:

I'm really baffled. I've seen 4 doctors, and had 4 different suggestions as to the cause (of arm pain). The first thought it was tendonitis; the 2nd, a torn ligament; the 3rd, a pinched nerve in the neck; and the 4th, a torn rotater. None of them really seemed confident in their diagnosis however.

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Dear One, your second doctor has the best diagnosis. But you only need to totally give your situation over to the Lord. You cannot heal yourself with affirmations and other attempts to do it yourself with metaphysics. Your attempts to heal yourself are a form of arrogance. Yet healing comes when arrogance is totally surrendered. Your salvation comes in doing nothing for yourself. If you like affirmations, use this one over and over again until you feel the truth of it throughout your being: "I AM a being of Light and I live for no other reason than to serve the Light."

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