Harriet Miers Now Happy!

Many feel sorry for Harriet Miers:

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Harriet Miers is very happy. She never wanted to be a Supreme Court Justice and did everyting possible to subconsciously sabotage herself. You can be sure that if she really, really, really wanted it she would have stepped up to the plate and fought for it in the way the White Sox fought because they really wanted to win the World Series. Half-hearted attempts do not win ball games or Supreme Court confirmations. The same principle defines Presidential races. John Kerry always thought he wanted to be President. But deep inside he never really wanted it, so he went off espousing European values instead of American values. Hillary Clinton doesn't have a chance either. Watch as she sabotages herself.

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Alan Fraser said...

The Reverend Sasquatch is very happy too because he knows he is doing the Right and Righteous Thing in bringing the Truth and the Word to everyone.

Yours in reverendry,

Reverend Silas T Sasquatch