GOP Shouldn't Take the Religious Vote on Faith


The lazy reading of the polls by the media, and a lot of spin, is what has led to such simplistic characterizations of religious Americans as "Conservative."

Our Holy Spirit answers:

I AM with you always. I have an agenda which you cannot fathom at this time. I use Republicans, Democrats, Independents ... everyone. My purpose is to uplift the entire earth. There is no philosophy I favor because all philosophies have nothing to do with My purpose. Whoever listens inside to My Voice, that one I use most efficiently at that moment. You will be guided how to vote as you enter the voting booth, not before. Your open mind with no preconceived ideas is all I ask. If you consider yourself a "Democrat," be sure you are willing to also consider yourself a "Republican." If you call yourself a "Republican," be sure you are willing to call yourself a "Democrat" also. Only in this way can you feel the truth. Beneath the surface appearances there is no separation. There is only one.

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