Creation or Evolution?

A new poll by CBS News indicates when it comes to the origin of men and women, most Americans reject the theory of evolution and believe they were created by God.

Our Holy Spirit answers:

It is not worth questioning whether God created His children. The question worth asking is did God create His children as spiritual beings, and then did these spiritual children in turn create their human condition? What if the human condition is not your natural state? What if you are so very much more than human it cannot even be imagined? What if the only way you can really begin to experience your natural state is to listen to and follow the guidance of My Voice? Do human beings “evolve?” Certainly their bodies and minds are transformed as they allow My Voice to open them to the experience of their spiritual oneness with Me. People have been heard saying, “Look at her! She totally accepted Jesus Christ and we no longer know who she is! Could she be an angel?” Some might say, “Jesus Christ is evolving the human race.” More accurately others might say, “Jesus Christ is taking everyone Home where the end is the same as the beginning, where Alpha and Omega are one.”

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