Christian girls beheaded in grisly Indonesian attack


Sulawesi province was the scene of a bloody religious war in 2001-2002 that killed around 1000 people from both Christian and Muslim communities.

Our Holy Spirit answers:

Do not think religion is the cause of religious wars. Religion is a set of principles dedicated to a higher purpose than ego purpose. The violations that lead to wars are initiated by those hopelessly trapped in ego-vested interests. Wars may be advertised in the name of religion, but it is always false advertising. Would My Voice ever send men and women into battle? Of course. But only for the purpose of putting an end to murder, brutality, and slavery. It is no sin to put a stop to atrocities.


Dave Lucas said...

The Media seems to thrive on stories involving religious violence. But keep it all in perspective... remember back in the 1980's the daily barrage of news regarding Catholics VS. Protestants in Ireland? These were "Christians" bloodying raping and murdering "Christians." There will always be fringe loonies who will attach themselves to (pick any faith) religion and presume to stand for and defend their faith in heinous, barbarous ways. They NEVER represent the true 'everyman & everywoman' followers of (pick any faith), but drag those good people down every time they commit another crime in the name of that faith. MORE

Harry said...

Whether or not they are truly religious, we are still too tolerant of of terrorists who cloak themselves in Islam and of Muslims who support the terrorists because they find justification of their violence in Islamic scripture. We are also too tolerant of Muslims who would restrict our freedoms in order to protect Muslims from feeling offended.

Cleetus said...

When them camel jockers go to trainin' haid shrinkers ta cut off them haids first, we got to take notice! This ain't right fellers! If this happened over here we'd be killin' them koranimals!